This one-of a- kind indie jazz vocal label, is the

brainchild of two of the world's leading young jazz

singers, Kitty Margolis and Madeline Eastman,

who are both its stars and its chief executives.

Smashing stereotypes about dueling divas and women

in jazz and in business, Eastman and Margolis are

long-standing friends, and feel their musical and

business collaboration in this unique company has only

deepened their mutual respect.


Mad-Kat was started in 1988, when the two singers

decided to take control of their own careers rather than

passively waiting to be discovered. Commanding total

artistic and commercial control, the two artists set an

extremely high standard, not just with their vocal

performances, but with the supporting cast--including a

who's who of jazz and blues stars such as Grammy

winner Joe Henderson, Tony Williams, Kenny Barron,

Phil Woods, The Turtle Island String Quartet, Joe

Louis Walker, Cedar Walton, Charles Brown and Roy

Hargrove-- and with threcording and packaging of their

beautifully produced recordings.

In fact, the production standards of

Mad-Kat recordings have equaled those of the major

labels, something which has not escaped the attention

of critics, radio programmers and the the public.


Both Eastman and Margolis have acheived

international prominence as a payoff for their risky

venture, receiving rave reviews all over the world for

their recordings, including DownBeat, Billboard, CD

Review, USA Today, Japan's Swing Journal, France's

Le Jazz Hot, Playboy and countless other national and

international newspapers and magazines. The happy

results of the Mad-Kat collaboration have been * * * *

* reviews and comments such as "the most intriquing

female vocalist to emerge so far in the '90's" from CD

Review and "one of the top jazz singers of the '90's"

from Jazz Forum.


Mad-Kat releases have consistantly topped the jazz

radio charts from coast to coast, and both singers have

have been voted "Talent Deserving Wider

Recognition" in the DownBeat International Critics'

Poll and headlined at some of the most prestigious jazz

festivals in the world, including the special Mad-Kat

Records Night concert presented by the San Francisco

Jazz Festival in 1994.


Madeline Eastman

Kitty Margolis


PO Box 330425, San Francisco, CA 94133, USA
800.4.MADKAT (800. 462-.528 )


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